A Look at Ricciardo's and Buemi's F1 Future

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IMAGE [1]: Daniel Ricciardo drives a Toro Rosso in a Friday Practice Session, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, March 2011


After being named one of Toro Rosso's new drivers for 2012, Daniel Ricciardo said that he must deliver to the team in this season, because it could be a big factor of his future with Red Bull. The new Toro Rosso driver said, "The news was very nice for me to hear! Yes, I was a little surprised, as I wasn't given any hints previously that this was the direction the team was looking into. It’s a tremendous opportunity for me and I can’t wait for Melbourne, or - even sooner - for Jerez."


1117-0245.jpgToro Rosso announced that neither of their 2011 drivers would be driving with the team in 2012, however Sebastien Buemi says he landed a job "equally as good as a Toro Rosso race seat." In the early days of January, Red Bull named Buemi their official test and reserve driver. However, if for some reason one of Toro Rosso's drivers wasn't in the state to race, Buemi would be the default stand-in.


IMAGE [2]: Buemi negotiates through the first few corners of the premier Buddh International Circuit.


Back to Ricciardo, the young Aussie has noticed how quickly a career in F1 can take a rapid turn, whether it would be to the benefit to him or to the disadvantage. When finding out that both Toro Rosso drivers were dropped for the next season, Daniel knew how careful he would need to be if he were to last for a long time to come.


What might Daniel Ricciardo have that could possibly give him an advantage over Jean-Eric Vergne? The driver himself gave his answers, "The obvious thing is experience, which it has given me over him. But we are not talking about years more experience. It should kick start my season and make it perhaps easier for me in the first race or two. But if Jean-Eric is F1 quality, which he has proved, (the advantage of) this extra experience shouldn't last the whole season. Plus we will arrive in Melbourne having already done a fair chunk of testing, so things will start to even out soon enough. At least in theory!"


d11bra2024Meanwhile, Buemi thinks that his test and reserve role at Red Bull could give him a better shot at taking over Mark Webber's race seat if Red Bull had any intentions to drop the Australian veteran. This makes sense, because if he has a position with the team, that could bring him a step closer if or when Webber stops driving for the team.


IMAGE [3]: Mark Webber celebrates his victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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