Bahrain backs out, India is back as Round 17

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On the fourth of June, we got excellent news that the Bahrain Grand Prix in Sahkir would be back on the 2011 FIA Formula 1 World Championship calendar. Bahrain would join the calendar as Round 17 making the Grand Prix of India the season finale.


Yesterday, The City Council of Sahkir announced that Bahrain is still not safe for the luxorious drivers and teams. It would rejoin Formula 1 in 2012, which still means that we will have a twenty-one race championship next year.


The Bahrain Grand Prix would have joined the race schedule as the seventeenth event of the season which would mean that the Indian Grand Prix should have been bumped to Round 18. But the race administrators said that the track would not be ready by then, so the FIA moved the race to Round 20, the final race of the season.


After the postponement of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Indian Grand Prix workers pushed hard because they knew they didn't have much time to finish. But they stunned everyone by getting most of the harder work done. They announced that they would be able to go back into their round 17 calendar slot.


It's a bummer that we went from a 20-race season, to a 19-race season, to a 20-race season, and finally to a 19-race season, but we can still keep our hopes up for an exciting Indian Grand Prix as we did for the Korean Grand Prix last year.


You won't hear anything about this until Thursday, but on Thursday, be sure to check the Formula 1 Kdawg Blog for more and the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Indian Grand Prix. Who knows? Even though it looks to be that Bahrain is permanently out of the 2011 World Championship, we might se it tossing and turning our race calendar a little more! We can say it's over right as we think it's over! It aint ended until it's ended!

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