Construction on the Circuit of the Americas

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ABOVE: This is the layout of the track


In 2012, The FIA Formula 1 World Championship will head to the United States to race for the first time since 2007. But instead of racing at that boring old oval in Indianapolis, the F1 machines will leave their skids on an all new venue in Austin, Texas.


Construction has taken progress as the layout of the track as shown in the image above has been carved into the dirt lot where F1 cars will race in just one year.



ABOVE: The dirt has been carved to the layout of the track showed in plans


More will be posted about the construction of the Circuit of the Americas.

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Kevdawg 06/23/2011 17:06

Thanks Tommy H for the info in Sport Ilstd. I will look at it

tommyh 06/23/2011 16:56

Great layout here, kdawg. Keep up the great work.

tommyh 06/23/2011 16:55

The current Sports Illustrated, June 27, 2011, has a nice piece on Vettel visiting New York City. He is quoted on the Circuit of the Americas and the June 17, 2012 race. Check it out.