Force India's Sutil on Monaco

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You might remember in 2008 in Monaco, where backmarker, Sutil, was running in fourth spot when Kimi Raikkonen lost control of his Ferrari and speared into the back of him. Sutil will never forget the moment, but he turns around and focuses on this year's GP of Monaco, where he scored his career best finish in Monte Carlo.


"It was a great race for me and very exciting," said Sutil looking back at the Grand Prix. "It's a good feeling to have scored a good result again."


Adrian also took benifit of the red-flag because his tyres were going off, a similar situation to Seb Vettel. He was fourth, the same place his was in when Raikkonen hit him, when he started dropping back. Problems really came when he recieved a puncture after clipping the Armco while being among the midfielders. Then the accident happened with Algersuari and Petrov. That gave Adrian the opportunity to pit without losing positions.


At the restart with fresh rubber, he climbed back up to seventh where he would stay for the rest of the race.


Sutil commented about pit stops at Monaco as well," The pit lane is very narrow so it's hard to position the cars perfectly for your pit stop, which makes it harder for the mechanics to be precise. For the driver it's also challenging because you have to watch out for unexpected things!"

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