Free "lite" Version of the F1 2012 Timing App is Released

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The new F1 2012 Timing App has released a free 'lite' version in the iTunes Store and Android Market. This app includes live timing for each race, track positioning for all the drivers, and all the updated drivers, teams, and cars. However, even though the app is now free, to access the actual live timing, you must purchase the "Championship Pass" which is on the market for $28USD. Even if you aren't interested in the live timing, there are other features included in the app.


lb1_-_sector_and_tyre.jpgOne thing, which I find nice is the news column, which has all the latest articles on the Official Formula 1 Website, where I get several of my news topics. There are also both championship tables, a list of the teams and drivers in 2012, and a profile for each of those 24 drivers. You can also adjust your settings so you can get notifications from time to time, as well as turn other settings on and off. You are able to select your favorite driver, (Go Jenson!) and when watching live timing, his name will be in gold on the positioning screen and on the timing and scoring table.


Some new additions are the DRS zones, which are indicated on the positioning board on the relevant spots that DRS would be activated during the race. Also, on the positioning board, when a driver finishes a sector or a lap, the time the driver set will be above his name. On the timing and scoring table, we finally know what type of tire each car is running. The "O" stands for "option" and the color indicates which tire the option is at that race. The "P" is the "prime" and also will be color coded depending on which tire the driver is using. There is also "I" for "intermediate" and "W" for "Wet" or "Full Wet". Inters will be green and the blue is for the full wets.


If you wish, you can turn on commentary overlay in the settings, and you will receive text commentary throughout the session. That way, if the timing and scoring board hasn't yet updated that a car has pitted or crashed, the commentary will show you. If you feel this addition isn't necessary, you can turn it off in the settings.


There is lots more to the app than I can explain, so you will just have to download it and see all of it for your self. It would be nice if you could purchase one race at a time versus the whole championship, because some people might be asleep during the race considering the different time zones. Despite that one flaw, it is a very good app and I would rate it 9/10. The links below will direct you to the Android Market and iTunes Store so you can read about and download the app. This is a VIP Pass and I'll guarantee you that!


Compatible with: iPhone 1, 2, 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S. iPod Touch 1, 2, 3 and 4. iPad 1, 2, and 3 but must be running iOS 3.1 or later. Also works on all Android Devices.


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