Has Alonso Relaunched his Title Hopes?

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ABOVE: Alonso won in Britain, but was it enough to relauch his hopes for title contention in the later part of the season?


Fernando Alonso won the British Grand Prix in great fashion with 18 seconds in hand over Sebastian Vettel. The win might have been given to him when Red Bull made a mistake with the wheel gun on race leader, Vettel's stop which cost them the extra seven points.


1106-0093Alonso and Ferrari hadn't looked as strong as they had in 2010 during the early parts of the season, but they started bouncing back and now they've made it back to the top. But could Alonso remain a title challenger for the remainder of the season?


Some people say no. Why's that? Many believe that he would only win races if he got lucky, or the leading team and driver threw away their victory, like in Silverstone with Vettel.


Others say yes. Any why? Many other people say that the Ferrari F150 Italia is improving rapidly and will start challenging the Red Bull for pace. As crazy as it sounds, it could be true.


We've talked about what other people have thought, but what do you think? Has Alonso and Ferrari taken a big enough step forward to challenge Red Bull and Vettel for the title? Or was Silverstone just their lucky day?



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