Have Massa and Schumacher lost their speed?

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Two former teammates, two very good drivers: Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher. Massa, a multiple winner of the Turkish Grand Prix, and Shumacher, a seven-time World Championship winner. That proves that they're good.


But now they struggle to make the top five. They make mistakes that they wouldn't have five years ago. I say they have lost they're speed while others say they just have a bad car. But look at Massa's teammate, Fernando Alonso. He has scored two podiums this year and five wins last year. Nico Rosberg, teammate of Schumacher, also outqualifies and out races his champion partner with the exact same car.


Others say they are trying too hard to win that they force themselves into mistakes that cost him the race. Such as Massa, he was trying desperately to get past Hamilton in the tunnel, but pushed too hard and crashed. Michael will try to get a move on the man in front of him, but after the battle, he's usually facing the wrong way.


What do you think? Have Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher lost their speed??

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schumiguy 10/11/2011 17:41

no they havent they both had lost the hang of it when they left the sport

fred65 06/23/2011 19:46

I just watched the canadian grand prix and schumacher looked good until the very end. I think he still has the speed. Massa looked good in quali but wasn't that good in the race. I still haven't
seen enough so I can't tell yet whether its time for them to depart of if they just need a few more chances. But the way it is now, Massa should leave and Schumacher could stay for a little while
longer. But Michael will never be a world champion again in the car that he is currently in.

bob6963 06/23/2011 19:42

I think if they arent treated the way they are now, they could do better. They have been put in uncomfortable positions especially Massa because of the way their teammates in the same car are so
much faster. That would help them a lot if they werent under so much pressure

mr nobody 06/23/2011 19:39

they both have and theyre both done

f1fan 06/04/2011 19:45

They have. schumi needs to retire but massa i think can have another good year. right now he has lost his speed though