Indian Grand Prix: Vettel Sets Records, and Gets Grand Slam

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Top Three: Left to Right, Jenson Button (McLaren) Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)


Sebastian Vettel truly dominated the 2011 Indian Grand Prix. He set the pole position, led every single lap during the race, and set the fastest lap. He broke the World Record held by Nigel Mansell for the most laps led in a single season. With this win in India, Vettel is still on course for matching the all-time record set by seven-time World Champion, Michael Schumacher. After his pole on Saturday, Seb can overhaul the record set my Mansell in 1992 for the most poles. Vettel has thirteen poles currently with two rounds left in the season. Nigel Mansell took fourteen poles in his dominating 1992 World Championship. It was an emotional day for Adrian Newey as he was the designer on Mansell's Williams back in '92. He broke his own record and could break another as well.


d11ind1981.jpgThe race started very dramatically. The leaders got away cleanly but Maldonado, Barrichello, and Kobayashi were involved in a first corner accident. Glock got tangled up in the calamity as well. Both Williams cars were able to continue but needed new nose cones but Kamui was forced to retire. Glock pulled his Virgin out of the race after the damage from the accident became too much to race with.


Image [2]: Barrichello drives away from the accident with the front of the car in tatters. In the back, Glock and Kobayashi tangle. Both drivers would eventually retire from the race.


Pastor Maldonado's race didn't improve either. The was pushing hard in pursuit to pass Senna's Renault. The transmission didn't like how fast Maldonado was taking the Williams and gave up. Pastor went from fourth gear to neutral immediately and was forced to park off after just fourteen laps. It was already a very disappointing weekend for the Williams team and it wasn't getting any better with the retirement. The DNF was Maldonado's fifth of the season which wouldn't improve his mood either.


Hamilton and Massa came together once again. The Ferrari ran wide allowing Lewis to catch up. With the two close, they were able to go at it at some of the corners and soon it got a little to close for comfort. Hamilton went in the inside and Massa was on the outside. Felipe must have changed his mind because he turned into Lewis causing both cars to collide. Hamilton would need a new wing and his race was ruined. Massa received a drive through penalty for causing the collision.


Things wouldn't get better for the Ferrari driver. Massa experienced another odd moment with the kerbs in the same spot he crashed on Saturday during Qualifying. This time the suspension broke on the left side going through the 6-7-8-9 complex. It was his first retirement since his impact in Monaco which was a very disappointing blow. It was also his first race without points since the Monaco retirement which could allow Rosberg, who scored eight point in New Delhi, slip past for sixth in the Championship, the best of the rest spot.



Image [3]: Big problems for Massa as his suspension broke going over the kerbs for the second time in two days.


There were no problems for Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull team who came home in first place for the eleventh time this season, twenty-first in Vettel's career, and it was the twenty-sixth time Red Bull Racing took the chequered flag and the second inaugural race won by the team and Vettel. Sebastian took the grand slam with a fastest lap on the final lap after stealing it from his teammate, Webber, who has the most fastest laps out of all the drivers this season.


Vettel's still on form to grasp more records from big names so don't miss the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, coming your way in two weeks time. Vettel has won the past two runnings of the race, the only two runnings of the Abu Dhabi race, so it will be another thriller to watch.

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