Pre-Germany: Will the Excitement Rumble On?

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ABOVE: The 2010 German Grand Prix was all about Ferrari's team orders.




Germany 2010 had one main story and one main story only. Ferrari using team orders to let higher placed driver, Alonso take the victory instead of Felipe Massa who had gained the lead at the start. The point of using team orders was to increase the chances of Alonso winning a third Driver's World Championship but it wasn't to be although he was very close at the season finale. Ferrari received an extraordinary hearing before the Italian Grand Prix and it was decided that the FIA would not tack on any further penalties except for their fine.


At the start of the race, pole sitter, Vettel tried to squeeze Alonso into the wall but both Ferraris got past and Massa took the lead but of course you know what happened. Red Bull backed teammates crashed into each other again except this time it was Toro Rosso. Alguersuari hit Buemi at the first corner sending the Swiss out of the race.


There was mayhem in the Force India pits as Liuzzi and Sutil pit on lap 5. The tires were mixed up however. Liuzzi got three of Sutil's tires and Sutil got three of Tonio's. They were able to get the situation cleared up by having both drivers pit again, but were lucky they escaped disqualification.


d10ger1571On Lap 43, the Ferrari team orders were issued. Massa's race engineer, Rob Smedley told Massa in simple words, "Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood my message?" Massa let Alonso by so dramatically that a blind man would know that it was a deliberate move.


Alonso took the win with Massa second and Vettel third. Massa was furious and his feelings on the podium showed it.


And to make it even worse for Massa, it was the one year anniversary of his life-threatening accident during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest in 2009 and this was the way it went.






ABOVE: Germany was where McLaren's comeback started although Hamilton's race was ruined at the first corner.


There was a change of order at the top when the 2009 German Grand Prix held at the Nurburgring. Mark Webber would remember this race for his whole life as he claimed his first pole position during Saturday's qualifying and won his first Formula 1 race just a day later. It was also the scene of McLaren's comeback in the 2009 season.


Lewis Hamilton had qualified fourth but made it up to the lead at the first corner but ran wide and got a puncture. The promise was shown by McLaren when Heikki Kovalainen scored McLaren's first points since the Bahrain Grand Prix, six races earlier.


Mark Webber had dominated all weekend scoring his first career win and a spectacular pace to do so at the Nurburgring. Red Bull ended up with a one-two finish when Vettel finished second. Hamilton didn't do much of a recovery drive after his puncture and finished 18th, the only car not on the lead lap.


BELOW: A very happy Webber after his win in the 2009 German Grand Prix.



As well as the excitement and drama that the German Grand Prix has given, we have to add all the excitement that has happened so far in the season. Will it rumble on to the Nurburgring? Wait and find out!


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