Pre-Korea: Title Clinched or not, Excitement is at Max

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A few days ago in Japan, Sebastian Vettel clinched the Formula 1 World Championship with a third place finish. We saw lots of excitement during the race at Suzuka and we will see even more in the Korean Grand Prix this upcoming weekend. Even though this is only the second time Formula 1 cars will race in Yeongam, this track already has some dramatic history.


There is only one year to review but it was full of disappointment, drama, accidents, and rain. Lets go over the 2010 Korean Grand Prix and a special look into the 2011 Korean Grand Prix in the future.





Image [1]: Korea wasn't a night race but all the safety car delays and red flag pushed it way into the evening.


The first main story of Korea when drivers entered the paddock was the track layout itself. It was filled with high and low speed corners and its different sectors would suit different teams. One problem it had was the pit entrance. It is a blind right hander and is right after a high speed corner. That could be an issue.


On the Sunday of the race, the good weather from earlier in the weekend drove away. Pouring rain was beating down on the track and the only way to go for every team was full wets. Many drivers complained about the lack of visibility and after three laps under the safety car, the race was red-flagged.


All the drivers waited on the grid. Some were very calm and weren't ready to race again. Other drivers like Hamilton were more keen to get going. Hamilton knew that a wet race would help him catch up to his rivals and regain his title hopes. His teammate Button was thinking the same thing.


After a long wait, the racing bean again under the safety car. Lap after lap, the safety car wouldn't pull in. But finally, after fifteen laps, racing began. Pole sitter Vettel led the way ahead of his teammate, Webber. At the first corner, several back markers spun way off the track but rejoined after a long drive just to get back to the track.


sunpic23-1.jpgThe first racing lap was completed and no major incidents so far. That wouldn't be true for long when on lap 18, Webber got onto the kerbing and spun he tapped the wall and bounced to the other side of the track taking Rosberg with him. The mud from the track side turned the Red Bull sponsoring on the side-pod to a big mud spot.


Image [2]: Webber spins around after colliding with Rosberg and collects as much mud as possible.


The safety car was deployed again while marshalls cleared the damage. This accident could have cost Mark Webber the title because if any of the contenders won, he would drop out of the lead in the Championship.


More accidents and safety car periods occurred but the rain was clearing up a little. But as we mentioned earlier, the pit lane was going to be an issue. It was for Petrov. As he entered the pit lane, he spun and it the wall hard which brought out another safety car.


Image [3]: Petrov walks from his wrecked Renault after crashing while entering the pits.



When the safety car came in, Vettel was still leading but he could sense a disaster after Alonso flew by him on the main straight. His engine blew up right before turn 5 with pieces flying out of it. Vettel got out and put out the fire. This hadn't been Red Bull's race with two DNF's.


Alonso went on to win in front of Hamilton and Massa. For Massa, this would be his last podium until he gets one again.




What could happen this year in Yeongam? Will Red Bull fall again or will Vettel reign supreme? Watch the race and see! Live coverage is as following:


P1 - 10:00am KOR, (Thu) 9:00pm EST, (Thu) 6:00pm PST.

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