Pre-Montreal: Can McLaren Strike Back?

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The 2011 F1 World Championship has been truly dominated by Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel. The yound German world champion have won five of the first six races of the championship only finishing second in China behind Hamilton.


As the calendar points to North America, there is one big question: Can McLaren strike back? The reason this question is so big is that Montreal is a McLaren track. Last year it was where Red Bull had its first race without starting on pole. It was Hamilton who started P1. Then, in the race, McLaren got the perfect one-two sweep.


Do you think the RB-7 Red Bull will be able to beat the McLaren's despite driving on a track that doesn't suit their car? Or will McLaren be able to take advantage and beat Red Bull and Vettel for only the second time this year?


Note: I will be on vacation the Sunday of the Canadian GP. I will keep you posted until the race and will get results and articles about the race on the following Thursday. Sorry!

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bob6963 06/07/2011 23:42

Red bull is too fast. even if the track suits McLaren, vettel is gonna win