Race Recap: Distaster, Victory, Drama, and More

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IMAGE [1]: Lewis Hamilton celebrates with his team after winning the race.


The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will be remembered forever for many reasons. There were good moments for some drivers and despair for others. Whether each driver would do good or bad would be clarified as the race unfolded. It unfolded in a dramatic way and stayed so until the chequered flag was waved when Lewis Hamilton crossed the line as the winner, with Alonso second and Button third. Where was Sebastian Vettel? He found the costs of speed early. Here is what happened in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the UAE.


Just one day after a crazy Qualifying session, the drivers were back at the race track for the final and most important day in Yas Marina. Anyone could win the race but the signs pointed to Sebastian Vettel, who was on the pole. Those signs could be right or they could be wrong, and after the first couple of corners, the latter of the two was correct. Vettel pulled off an amazing lead off the start over Hamilton but a puncture send him spinning off the race track. d11abu3763-copy-1.jpgHe would to hobble 5 kilometers back to the pits and that may have done some damage to the RB-7. He was able to make it back to the pits but after a long wait, the mechanics noticed some suspension damage and Vettel was forced to sit in te garage for the first time thins season.


IMAGE [2]: Vettel spins out of the race at the start.


Hamilton didn't mind that Vettel had gone off. In fact, he was pleased. He was now the leader of the race and could get his strategies right and win. His goal over the weekend was to stop Sebastian Vettel but Vettel had stopped himself and Hamilton was more than delighted to take advantage.


Alonso was doing well in his 150 Italia. He had made it up to second place from starting fifth. He had a brief scrap with Jenson Button but soon pulled ahead when the McLaren was having problems with its KERS. The problem meant that Mark Webber was closing in on Button and the two went into combat. For several laps Webber would get ahead in the first DRS zone and Button would regain the position in the next activation zone. Soon, Webber got by Button but he would need a perfect stop to keep ahead of the charging McLaren. That is not what happened. They had problems with the right rear and Button and Massa took advantage.


Hamilton and Alonso's battle would also lead to the pits. both teams were waiting for each other to make the move but neither went in. Finally, Hamilton boxed first and the McLaren crew pulled off a 3.6 second stop and Hamilton was second. Alonso was trying to get that twenty seconds gap over Hamilton so he could maintain the lead when he emerged. He got to the gap and dove into the pits. Unfortunately, there was an HRT blocking him in the pits and his stop wasn't too great either. The Ferrari entered behind the McLaren.


From then on, Hamilton drove a flawless Grand Prix and picked up his first win in Abu Dhabi and finally passed Sir Sterling Moss's career total of wins. It was a good weekend for Ferrari, who looked to have been way off the pace in the early part of the weekend but they got the good result when it mattered.


Bernie Eccelstone was shown on television programs consoling Sebastian Vettel. Vettel reported in an interview that Bernie was saying, "Good timing. You have already won the title, it doesn't matter." Vettel said that Bernie's comment may be true but champion or not, anyone would rather be in a racing car than watching from the sidelines. Vettel hopes that nothing like this happens again in Brazil and that he can win the last race of his fairytale season.

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