The Dangers of the Monaco Grand Prix

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OVER the Memorial Day weekend, the Grand Prix of Monaco took place. Not only did it produce a glamorous place to race, but also danger for the F1 Pilots. With the Armco so close to the track, it makes it impossible to make a mistake without crashing. There was at least one crash in every session over the weekend, two of them very serious accidents, which proved the very big dangers of the Grand Prix of Monaco.


Thursday saw Vitaly Petrov crash on the run down to Swimming Pool. He was okay, but the red flags were deployed to remove the debris.


Saturday saw Vitantonio Liuzzi of HRT slam into the tires at Ste. Devote. It shed a lot of debris, which meant a red flag was waved again. Tonio safely walked back to the garage unharmed. Nico Rosberg had a massive accident coming out of the tunnel where he hit the barrier then flew over the sleeping policemen and narrowly missed a huge impact after hitting the wall at the chicane. But if he had, Rosberg would have hit the wall head on because of the launch he got of the bumps and could have been killed. After that accident, the marshals removed the speed bumps at the chicane and thank god they did because during the Q3 session of Qualifying, Sergio Perez of Sauber got offline and into the “clagline” which sent him off into the barrier and into the wall at the chicane. The young Mexican was declared unconscious for a few minutes when the medical vehicles arrived. It was later announced that he had a concussion and sore legs but was talking and conscious. He would not start the Monaco Grand Prix due to his injuries.


Sunday’s race was pretty clean until lap 34, where Massa got into the clag and into the Armco. He was fine, but still needed medical check-ups to be sure nothing went wrong during the massive impact. Later on Lap 69, the leaders were catching up to the midfielders right as they caused mayhem. Alguersuari hit Petrov, who slammed into the concrete and Hamilton. The red flags were shown, because Petrov had pains after hitting the concrete wall. The race was at a halt while Petrov was put into the ambulance at Swimming Pool. The race resumed only to see Maldonado crash at Ste. Devote after a clash with Hamilton. It wasn’t a serious incident though. He just had some front wing damage and suspension breakage.


Monaco this year was a very exciting weekend as well as a dangerous weekend for the drivers. Luckily all the scary crashes we saw did not affect the drivers that much. Petrov was released from the Princess Grace Hospital when it was declared he had no serious injuries. Perez is still in hospital but should be let go later this week. He has confirmed that he will start the Canadian Grand Prix for sure in two weeks time. Massa was perfectly fine except a big bruise on his shin from hitting the cockpit during his crash.

This year’s Monaco Grand Prix was an eventful one and a quite scary one too. It is good to know that all of our retirees are okay. See you soon!

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ben 06/02/2011 21:00

they really should reconfigure that chicane. its caught so many drivers out in a nasty way