Which teams have the best areodynamics?

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The 2011 Formula 1 season has a few tweaks to the rule book. One is the moveable rear wing (DRS) which allows the rear wing to open and to take away downforce to make overtaking more possible. Here's a look into some of the teams new wing designs as well as how it affects DRS.


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Toro Rosso - New rear wing


Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari brought a new rear wing to the Monaco Grand Prix. Arrow 1 shows the gap where the wing opens to reduce drag on the straights. Arrow 2 shows the bearings that help the wing move.


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McLaren - Front Wing Developments


McLaren introduced new front wings for the Monaco GP as well. Arrows 1, 2, and 4 shoh slits in the wing that produce good downforce and good aerodynamics. Arrows 3, 5, 6 help push air around the car other that straight at it.

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f1fan 06/03/2011 15:32

This is brilliant! I never knew McLaren had a new wing!

Frank 06/03/2011 06:05

I agree with you Alyson, it seems that Adrian Newey has the Midas touch. He is still the best aerodynamicist in the business. Every team he has been with is usually at the top of their game when
he's around. The Red Bulls were so much more stable through turns and under braking at Turkey compared to Ferrari and McLaren but McLaren seems to be closing the gap. Hamilton is within striking

Sam H. 06/03/2011 00:42

I'm a 12 year old and I was assigned to do a report about Formula 1 Racing. In all the other websites, the people were like using the term DRS and I didn't understand what it meant. Your blog site
helped me understand a bit more. Thanks!

bob6963 06/03/2011 00:39

I'd have to say Mclaren of red bull. this picture really convinces me that mclaren has the best though

alyson n. 06/02/2011 20:52

Red Bull has the best aerodynamics. That is why they are so competitive. I also LOVE your poems. Did you actually WRITE those?!?! This is amazing! Keep up the good articles and the EXCELLENT
poetry. Well done:-)