2011 Poetry

F1's Opening Race


The cars are back 
And everyone’s ready.
Whoever wins
Will drive the race steady.
They will need to use the DRS System.
And handle the KERS as if the just kissed ‘em.
Australia hosted 2011’s first race,
On Albert Park’s streets, the cars leave their trace.
Massa and Button battle it out,
While Perez is right up Schumacher’s snout.
Sebastian Vettel ends up with the win.
And Vitaly Petrov soaks third place all in.
Alonso was fourth and Massa P7.
Hamilton second and Vettel in heaven.
In Melbourne we heard the F1 cars roaring,
And in the point standings, Vettel is soaring.
Up next in Malaysia
Everyone’ll be back.
We’ll see you in Sepang,
At the technical track!


Malaysia, Round 2
The Next stop on the calendar
Was Malaysia, for round two.
Vettel came here in the lead
With the others in the blue.
But that could change in a wink.
The lights are out as quick as a blink.
The battle for turn 1 is between Heidfeld and Vettel.
The latter of the two brought the fight to a settle. 
Pit stops occur. The leaders choose primes.
The backmarkers com in when it’s about time.
Maldonado parks off, he is forced to retire.
The problem was caused by a minor misfire.
Back at the front the battle is on.
At first it was close but now  Vettel is gone.
And he was the winner, a clear getaway.
He led the beginning and that’s where he’ll stay.
That’s it for Malaysia, up next is Shanghai.
 Will Vettel win more or the others soar by?



The Last of the Flyaways

We’re at the race in China,
It’s sunny in Shanghai.
Everything can change around
In the blink of an eye.
Hamilton’s missing a piece of his car
If they can’t get it on, he won’t go very far.
McLaren is hectic and Red Bull is calm.
Here come the lights… who will be the bomb?!  
Button and Lewis get past Vettel’s Red Bull.
This is the first time the German’s been dull.  
As soon as the stops come into play.
Vettel is able to keep McLaren at Bay.
The closing laps come, Hamilton has to fly.  
But on Lap 52 he waved Vettel good-bye.
He was victorious, an excellent comeback.
He’s fist pumping with joy back on the track.
Webber started 18th and finished in 3rd.
That was something that was really absurd.
McLaren did great to get back in the fight.
Now it’s Over and Out, See you Later, Good Night!


The Turkish Event

After a three-week break
We’re back and the championship’s at stake 
Hamilton had won the Chinese Act,
Vettel still leads but the gap’s more compact.
He was also the one who claimed pole number 4.
That sets him up to win even more.
The formation laps over, the grid clears and they’re off!
Webber drops back, a small little cough.
Kobayashi makes contact, his front wing is broken.
Our leader is in, strategy has spoken.
Hamilton was told also to pit.
But the wheel gun had locked and he won’t move a bit.
Alonso and Webber take advantage of that.
They zip right by Lewis, like a scurrying rat.
Vettel has won it! He’s cheering with joy.
The others are thinking, can you stop this boy??
The Turkey’s been cooked, now we’re closing the bin.
Up next is Spain, can someone else win?


Barcelona Beckons
It’s a track we know well
It’s a place where we test.
Now we will race
To see who is best.  
For the first time this year Vettel’s not on p1.  
Webber takes pole so that he can have fun.
The red lights come on, they turn GREEN!
Alonso makes the best start I’ve ever seen.
Webber goofs up and he drops down to third.
Alonso up front is just soaring like a bird.
The first stops occur, it looks like Massa and Vettel.
Their stops looked quick, now it’s pedal to metal!
There are yellow Flags around turn 4.
Kovalainen has crashed, it’s game over, no more.
In the closing laps Hamilton’s looking quick.
But Vettel was able to make it all stick.
He’s won four from five, he’s quite in the lead.
Does anyone else come from the winners’ Breed?



Round 6, The Lottery, Monaco.

Were at the Grand Prix
We will soon race.

As proved in Q3 
Vettel had all the pace.
Turn up the volume, Here comes the start!
Alonso makes a great one, as quick as a dart.
Vettel would lead until the first stop.
Where Red Bull’s pit stop made positions go DROP.
Luckily though, Alonso and Button had bad days in the pits too.
They were still the top three but feeling sort of blue.
At the end of the race, on lap 69,
The cars were so close you could hear them all whine!
But the midfielders were ahead and they were doing it all,
As well as Jaime and Petrov slamming into the wall.
The RED FLAGS are out. The ambulance is on track.
Petrov says he has pain in his legs and his back.
So the race was over and Vettel had won!
It’s his first win in Monaco so let have some fun!


A Surprise in Montreal


The clouds are above and the skys turning gray.
The clouds makes it rain and boy would it stay.

The race would need to start right behind the safety car,

and before it came in Sutil jumped the bar.

He would get a penalty that would drop him to

P24, boy is he feeling blue?

Hamilton and Button crashed into each other

But Lewis would have to come back home to his mother.

Button was fine but for Lewis and all,

positions in the championship were starting to fall.

On Lap 25, it was nobodies fault

the rain just poured down causing racing to halt.

Two hours later the grand prix resumed

Vettel got away, he flew and he zoomed.

There was chaos behind, between P2, three, four.

Kobayashi and Massa were fighting which opened the door.

Schumi took advantage, he went by like that,

and Button was flying just tipping his hat.

Soon he caught Michael, he dove through with ease.

He had made it to Vettel, it was a tight squeeze.

He was driving brilliantly having no mistakes.

And Vettel slipped wide, he has had his big break.

Button was happy and so was his team.

Up next is Valencia, who has the steam?


Valencia, Valencia


The long F1 calendar turns back to Spain.

And unlike in Canada, it will not rain.

Vettel's on pole for round number eight.

All the cars line up on the straight.

The green light come on and its a clean start

The Ferraris pass Lewis as quick as a dart.

The Red Bulls get away nicely as well.

The win is for taking and you could just tell.

So far this race has been incident free.

Will someone drop out making the field twenty-three?

Well no one has problems but Alonso's been fast.

He's caught up to Webber, he looks and he's past!

The DRS help with that excellent move.

Alonso was happy, he had stuff to prove.

Schumi had just came into the pits.

He would need to return, his front wing was in bits.

The crash was caused by Petrov's bad line.

Michael dropped back while Vitaly was fine.

 The closing laps came and something was said.

On Webber's radio, his gearbox was dead.

Could he finish the race, would he have what it takes?

He would have to be gentle and make no mistakes.

Vettel strikes back! He's won the Grand Prix.

For the second straight year and he's out in the free.

He increases his lead in the championship tables.

The others must think that these are just fables!

The race that's upcoming is Britain, motorsport's home

Can Vettel keep it going, success locked in the dome?


The Base of it All


It's a race track called Silverstone.

It's the home of F1.

It's been controversial,

but also much fun.

Webber's still here, he qualified first.

Maybe it's here where his speed will just burst.

Ferrari's up close, they've looked really fast.

At the start of the race, Vettel was off with a blast.

On only lap 3, Kovalainen was out.  

Then Trulli retired, a big Lotus drought.

The time was correct, they should move onto dries.

The cars hit the pits and there weren't any cries.

Except for di Resta, who had gave all his steam.

But his race was ruined all thanks to his team.  

Alonso looks fast, he might be a factor.

Buemi is off and here comes the tractor.

Replays show Buemi clipping di Resta's front wing.

And that killed the tire, an unfortunate thing.

The leaders are in, every move has to rock.

But that didn't happen. Vettel's wheel gun had locked.

Alonso was leading after very much drama.

And Vettel's race lead went back home to its mama.

Button had given Mark Webber a trick.

And now he was in and his stop looked real slick.

A little too slick! He's pulled off at the side.

All his promise and chances once again died.

Massa and Hammy were fighting like mad.

They were ramming like crazy, man was this gettin' bad!

And on the last corner Massa ran wide!

Hamiton passed, as they were side to side.

Alonso had won the British event.

The Nurburgring's next can Vettel mend the dent?


(GERMANY, HUNGARY, BELGIUM, AND ITALY were skipped due to a failure)


Singing the Singapore Song


Vettel's on top, he has all the pace

He could clinch the world title at the end of this race.

The circuit is lined by bright LEDs

Red lights turn green they go by with a breeze.

Vettel is leading going into turn 1

Alonso is second, this should be fun!

Hamilton and Massa end up in a crash.

They both have to pit because of the smash.

Schumi was next the driver to fall.

He hit Perez and flew into the wall.  

Safety car, Safety car the fields driving slow

The damage is cleared, the teams yell GO GO!

Vettel cruised on to a well deserved win

The F1 world championship was not in the bin.

Jenson Button finished in second place.

Which meant that Seb Vettel would wait one more race.

Up next is Japan can Vettel have it done?

Lets see if Sebastian will be number one!



Japanese Jinx


The time is approaching,

This could be the race.

That Sebastian Vettel gets praised for his pace.

He proved that he's best with another P1.

Does that mean that the championship's done?

No it does not there's a race to occur.

Here come the lights, they're off in a blur!

Into turn 1 it is Vettel then Button.

But it was the gap that Vettel was shuttin'.

Button was squeezed right on to the grass.

That allowed Lewis to find a way past.

The Red Bull is working, it's pulled out a gap.

Vettel's pulling rabbits right out of his cap.

After just a few laps, the tires are done.

In come the leaders, this should be fun!

Button got by Vettel to reign at the top.

A wheel nut off Buemi forced his car to stop.

Alonso also made a pass on Sebastian Vettel.

They fought for a while but it came to a settle.

Ahead, at the top! Button will win!!

Vettel's got the championship inside the bin.

The championships over, but the excitement is not!

Up next is Korea, who will hit the spot?



A New Level


For the second time

There's a Korean Race

But somehow Red Bull

lost all their pace.

It was McLaren and Hamilton standing on top.

Will Red Bull fight back or is this the big flop.

We're gonna find out, just minutes to start.

Revs up to the red, then they're off like a dart.

Ham gets the advantage, over the "Bull".

Vettel is close, there's no way that he's dull.

Seb finds a way round, a place called turn 2.

He's off in the distance, while Hamilton's blue.

Webber's attacking, going to pass.

Hamilton fought back though, every last gasp.

While up at the front, the leaders were clashing,

Schumi and Petrov began to start smashing.

Schumacher was finished and continued his drought.

Petrov's done too, safety car out.

All the work that Vettel has done,

Has all been thrown out but now its begun!

Safety car has pulled in.

Seb gets back to his game.

All of his rivals are put back to shame.

He crosses as winner. Red Bull is cheering.

Over the radio Vettel's eyes are tearing.

Constructors World Champions is what Red Bull are.

They've clinched the double, boy have they come real far.



The Start of Something Special


It's a brand new track, a whole different race

India's here, a beautiful place

Vettel took pole and a record for the team

The race could prove different, who has the steam?

Vettel gets away cleanly, there smoke at the back

The two Williams cars are on and of track.

Also involved were Kobayashi and Glock.

The crash wasn't that big so on went the clock.

Maldonado parks off, his gearbox is done

Ham and Massa are close this should be fun!

But it wasn't they touched and they crashed.

This wasn't the first time the two men have smashed.

Both drivers continued much to their great delight.

Buemi just retired, time to turn off the light.

Massa is out, his suspension said "Bye"

The chance of good points started to die.

No problems up front, Vettel will win!

He's got the grand slam inside the bin.

Button was second, Alonso was third.

Your chances are over, Massa was told by a bird.

India's done up next is the bay,

Yas Marina Bay, will Vettel's luck stay?


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Poems written by a 10 year old staff member


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