Ferrari hopes to be even stronger with solutions

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In the Monaco Grand Prix, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso was challenging Sebastian Vettel for the lead throught the whole race. He would have probably won the event if the drama at Swimming Pool hadn't caused a red flagged race. Vettel was lucky to be able to change tires in between the red flag and the restart because his tires would have gone off before the end of the race which would hand the race to Fernando.


Pat Fry of Ferrari has found a solution on tire strategy. He has investigated both drivers problems with the harder Pirelli tire. A big example of their problem with the Primes is during the Spanish Grand Prix when Alonso dropped out of the lead and went down to fifth on the hard tire. Why does this happen? Fry tries to explain:


"Barcelona is a very challenging track, where downforce and car balance are key, and you need to develop good tyre temperature especially on the hard tyre,” he explained. “We have worked a lot on this factor and got a good understanding of it now and are working on fixing it for other circuits where this will be necessary.”


Reminder: The Canadian Grand Prix is this weekend and I will be on vacation on Sunday

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Kevdawg 06/10/2011 20:13

Thanks Tommy. I noticed that it would be wet although it was dry for First Practice

tommyh 06/10/2011 16:09

Montreal could be wet over the weekend. Have fun on your holiday.