How Many Races Will Vettel Win??

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So far this season, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has dominated the championship. With 143 points to second place Hamilton's 87, it's a no-brainer that he has the 2011 Championship in his hands. The bigger question is "How many races this year are we going to say, 'Look! It's front page news! Vettel has won! Wait, how many times has he won before?'"


Even though looking at the points situation of the championship makes the 2011 season look boring, we've seen some pretty close races. Spain, for example, Hamilton was .6 seconds behind Vettel at the finish. That's nothing!! Even better in Monaco, it was a three-way fight between Seb, Alonso, and Button for the lead. It was only the red flag that kept Vettel in the lead. His tyres would have gone off if the race had gone on.


Another big question: "Who is the man who is most likely to finish runner-up to Vettel in the championship? Is it the man who finished runner-up to him last year? The man who has already beat him once this year? The man who beat him to pole in Spain and drives the same car? Or the man at McLaren who kept Seb honest in Monaco?"

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Kevdawg 06/01/2011 23:23

That's a good idea, LJ. I should. Thank you for commenting.

LJ 06/01/2011 23:22

This is awesome! I think Jenson can pull it off even though he wasn't one of your options. Maybe you should add him

tommyh 06/01/2011 22:44

I think that Hamilton has the best shot, kevdawg.