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ABOVE: Spa is next on the calendar and how could there be any sad fans in the crowd about that.


I'm back!! I had a nice break but since the Belgian Grand Prix is coming up soon, I'm working the writing again.


Who are your favorites for the race win this weekend? Lets run some of them by. Button, race winner in Canada and in the previous race in Budapest. Hamilton, also a two time winner this season in China and Germany and was a race winner here last year. Alonso, who won in Britain twenty seconds ahead of Vettel, who has won six times this season but hasn't won since Europe.


McLaren had a bittersweet race last year. Hamilton lead from the first corner to the last winning for the first time in Belgium. Button retired after a racing collision with Vettel which pretty much ruined his championship hopes. Red Bull also had and up/down race. Webber started on the pole but dropped down to seventh at the start. He recovered to finish second but his teammate came off worse. Vettel was running in third behind Button when he tried to overtake and crashed with the Briton. He was able to continue but later crashed with Liuzzi and got a puncture. He finally finished in 15th.


Alonso didn't have his best Belgian GP either. He was running in the lower section of the points when he got onto a wet curb and did two 360s and crashed into the barrier.


At this race, there is the fact that elimination could play key. However, most of the drivers eliminated from title hopes if any would be the midfielders.


Who will win the Belgian GP? No idea cause anything could happed in the Arden Forest!



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